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January 14, 2021


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larry kurtz

Under single party rule South Dakota has been a net inbound demographic for at least four years running. United Van Lines is reporting upticks, yet another Republican secretary of state is purging voter rolls and the resident electorate is withering under overwhelming disgust and hopelessness. Voter turnout is dismal in Indian Country mostly because tribal nations trapped in South Dakota flounder as they compete with the stingy red moocher state government for resources.

Lawrence County looks like a bargain compared to property in richer blue states so it's easy to double your money there and even Mike Trucano is cashing out to flee the state's Nazi onslaught.

Spearditch is the seat of whiteness in LawCo so in the winter Exit 14 looks like a monument to the clear-span building that has been air-dropped into Antarctica. Main Street Spearditch is often ignored but a stroll reveals a few 60 or 70-somethings going into cafés, Ace Hardware or one of the banks. Life-long residents drive to Rapid City and Denver to shop forsaking local merchants.

The resultant soaring median age of the retirees seeking deliverance from the cultural diversities thriving in Colorado, California, Minnesota, even Arizona and Oregon drives the exploitation of South Dakota's regressive tax structure and reinforces the racially insulated Nazi enclave that Spearditch is today.

To little surprise the assisted living, funeral home and florist industries do very well and now that brown workers can take the driver's license exam in Spanish white people can spend more time snorting and shooting meth.

Many, if not most, these obese Republican slackers take advantage of the dynasty trust industry and flee the frozen tundra in their RVs ahead of consecutive six-month winters and strings of below-zero days.

The more white Republicans move to South Dakota the less safe Native Americans become. Native Americans represent at least 9% of the population in South Dakota, but by design they account for 14% of all deaths from the Trump virus.

The good news? At this hour a massive wildfire is threatening to burn Lemmon, South Dakota to the ground.

The Traveling Dakotan

Steve the opportunity is that South Dakota political oriented blogs and podcasts are different to a degree and readers can go from one to another and get different perspectives. You live in South Dakota with feet on the ground and with retirement can devote more time to exploring policy and sharing perspectives while being civil. I prefer reading South Dakota blogs written by South Dakotans. It makes for good discussion during breakfast at Tally's in Rapid or for lunch at Corona Village in Mitchell.

larry kurtz

Sticking to South Dakota politics does make sense, Steve. Why anyone even lives in Mitchell is a mystery so it’s easy to understand your cravings for some fantastic world outside there. I mean, c’mon: aren’t there enough commies to expose in Pierre?

The Traveling Dakotan

Steve If you can get John Dale to visit the Corn Palace city it would be great to have the Dakota Plains Tribune Podcast from the Corn Palace, a free meeting room at the Mitchell Library, Hitchcock Park, or the park by Lake Mitchell. Mitchell is a good location in the state for other speakers to come and participate in good discussions.

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