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January 13, 2021


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larry kurtz

“Plutocratic populism" is the glop that binds Trump and McConnell.

In 1980 Mitch McConnell ditched his feminist first wife vowing to marry a rich woman and now he is one of the wealthiest white men in Congress while Kentucky remains one of the poorest states. He not only loathes Donald Trump, he detests Alabama's Roy Moore, too.

Lee Atwater is one of the architects of the Southern Strategy that brought the Dixie crackers into the Republican Party. Newt Gingrich authored the earth haters' handbook and it's still the official little red book of the Greedy Old Party.

The Traveling Dakotan

Steve have you considered being a guest on the John Dale show? He goes into depth on a number of these subjects. We could see if we could have more guests like Lar and others in the discussion. Will Antifa disrupt carry Trump flags and disrupt the inauguration with riots burning and looting? Perilous times we live in!

larry kurtz

John Dale is a psychotic white supremacist presenting with paranoid delusions who lives in Nazi enclave, a chemical toilet and permanent disaster area.

The Traveling Dakotan

John Dales is one of the thought leaders in South Dakota and contributes to both Dakota War College and Dakota Free Press. Lar I have not seen you post on either of those two South Dakota blogs. The John Dale Show would be a free speech zone.

Steve Sibson

Since I have just entered retirement, I would consider doing some work with John Dales or anyone else who enjoys deep dives into the issues.

The Traveling Dakotan

Congratulations on the retirement Steve! You can find John Dale posting on either blog Dakota War College or Dakota Free Press. The more the better! Lar? You could be a guest on his show too but you have to be civil.

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