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January 19, 2021


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larry kurtz

Ian Fury is Republican South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem's communications director and an operative of the Council for National Policy - a manifestation created by the extreme white wing of the Republican Party. Fury used to work for Representative Jim Jordan (NAZI-OH) who is also a member of CNP.

CNP has infiltrated Pierre and the extremist South Dakota Legislature because banks in my home state are hoarding nearly $4 TRILLION for its members including Robert Mercer, a Long Island hedge-fund manager who bankrolled Donald Trump's presidential campaigns and Mike Lindell, a grifter who is the object of a nationwide boycott because of his white supremacist bent.

Steve Sibson

Larry, why do you hate white people?

larry kurtz

I just hate white Republicans masquerading as christians, Steve. Why do you ask?

Steve Sibson

Do you also have an issue with Black Republican Christians?

larry kurtz

After Herman Cain died of the Trump Virus there are only two or three of those left, right?

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