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February 02, 2021


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larry kurtz

Reich Mike Rounds met with President Joe Biden yesterday at the White House to hash out a Covid relief bill.

Gordon Howie and others in the extreme white wing of the Republican Party are saying Thune and Reich Mike Rounds are "out of touch with South Dakota” and should be replaced. One of the least effective members of Congress, Rounds bragged he could build a $9 million war chest in 2013 but has less than $2 million in the bank today. Former Governor Rounds was elected to the US Senate with cash from the Kochs’ National Federation of Independent Business. The so-called “Americans for Prosperity” is a Koch-soaked dark money group with an agent in Sioux Falls. South Dakota's GOP legislators and candidates enjoy millions in lobbyist benefits from the Kochs and their American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC.

In her bid to drive Rounds onto the ash heap of history upstart Republican 2018 primary contender Scyller Borglum appeared with Governor Kristi Noem to raise awareness of youth art in South Dakota.

Steve Sibson

So Larry, are you OK with communists funding crony capitalism?

larry kurtz

Better our rich guys than Kristi Lynn Arnold Noem’s rich guys.

South Dakota Republicans have their heads crammed so far into Frank Farrar's colon they can all kiss Wall Drug's Teddy Hustead on the lips in there.

Bankster and former South Dakota Governor Frank Farrar has sat on Citibank and Wells Fargo boards. Elitism in South Dakota is Denny Sanford and Dana Dykhouse and careers in usury get your names on an underground lab, public buildings and a football stadium.

How are 64+ county seats and their bureaucracies either conservative or sustainable? They're not; but, it is the way Republican cronyism and patronage built barricades to democracy by providing benefits of the public dole to those who say they deplore big gubmint in a state that hates poor people.

It's obvious this phenomenon is no accident: it has been manufactured to make the state a corporatist tax haven for an exclusive set of Republicans while over $3 trillion languishes in South Dakota banks. Divining an alternate universe where Randy Scott is still cruising the Moody County back roads while a Hellbent Bill Janklow is lurking at every intersection in South Dakota's ideological landscape is easier than imagining the decriminalization of Citibank's prospectus.

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