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February 01, 2021


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larry kurtz

The “Primary John Thune in 2022” Faceberg page has gone over 3000 members. They’re serious but not serious enough to run an unaffiliated big name candidate against him in the general election because nobody can match his $13 million war chest.

Rounds is meeting with President Joe Biden today at the White House to hash out a Covid relief bill. Gordon Howie and the extreme white wing of the Republican Party are saying Thune and Reich Mike Rounds are "out of touch with South Dakota” and should be replaced. One of the least effective members of Congress, Rounds bragged he could build a $9 million war chest in 2013 but has less than $2 million in the bank today. Former Governor Rounds was elected to the US Senate with cash from the Kochs’ National Federation of Independent Business. The so-called “Americans for Prosperity” is a Koch-soaked dark money group with an agent in Sioux Falls. South Dakota's GOP legislators and candidates enjoy millions in lobbyist benefits from the Kochs and their American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC.

In her bid to drive Rounds onto the ash heap of history upstart Republican primary contender Scyller Borglum has appeared with Governor Kristi Noem to raise awareness of youth art in South Dakota.

The Dakota Progressive has already predicted Thune will step aside and let nut ball Kristi Noem run for the US Senate in 2022. Recall Bill Janklow banked his campaign winnings even after killing Randy Scott. Thune is no less greedy, that’s for sure.

There is a mass exodus underway from the SDGOP and the news is now just surfacing in the South Dakota media. These developments put Zionist mob boss and South Dakota Republican Chair Dan Lederman in a box. Do they use up some of the cash they have in abundance to buy off the Trump wing or will Lederman step aside for someone from the extreme white wing?

The Traveling Dakotan

The Marxists outside and inside our republic are doing all they can to divide the Republican Party nationally and in South Dakota. Calling for new political parties, sowing division while attempting to dismantle laws, promote lawlessness and riots. United we stand and divided we fall.

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