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February 05, 2021


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larry kurtz

After painting Barack Obama as the antichrist we're watching evangelicals fawn over Trump as their Righter of Wrongs. It's horrifying in its duplicity. The End Times fulfill a prophesy and welcome a supernatural extraterrestrial to create a one-world government. No higher being could be anything but predatory. It's dystopian fantasy run amok.

Will Sommer: "MyPillow magnate Mike Lindell is releasing a 3-hour movie Friday he claims will prove the election was stolen. If his movie fails to catch on, Lindell predicts it will mean the end times out of the Book of Revelation — 'We pray and we go to heaven, it's over.' So far the MyPillow election fraud movie is just Mike Lindell narrating a PDF about how we should probably have a civil war."

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