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February 18, 2021


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larry kurtz

China will eat our lunch if we don’t adopt the Green New Deal.

Hey, America, it’s time to wake up and smell the Tsingtao.

America has brought this on itself since radical christianity has murdered millions but you know what scares me?

Donald Trump escalated the war on civilians so someone from Iran, Yemen, Somalia or some other shit hole country seeking retaliation could simply roll a truck bomb into Rapid City Central or Sioux Falls Lincoln High School after an Ellsworth-based B-1 bomber, drone pilot or some jock from the 114th Fighter Wing targets a wedding party or religious service.

Steve Sibson

Green New Deal benefits communist China and will raise the cost of energy to America's poor. Some socialist you are Larry. Why do you support China's crony capitalists who use Muslims as slaves?

larry kurtz

Whatever it takes to destroy the Republican Party, Steve. Why do you prop up an imploding career criminal like Herr Trump?

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